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B. 1998 

Miranda Smith is a Hong Kong and Melbourne based light artist working across installation, digital print, sculpture, and painting. Miranda uses our perceptual fallacies to create dynamic and experimental art experiences for her viewers, aiming to involve her audience in questioning their own experience of her work.  She made her 2020 debut with her solo exhibition Lucent Nebulous with Gallery Jeeum in Hong Kong, before returning to Australia with a public light installation in the arts district in 2021 and a Young Talent feature at Affordable Art Fair Melbourne in 2022.


2021               RMIT University, Naarm/Melbourne

                        Bachelors of Fine Art (Honours) 

2017-2019      RMIT University, Naarm/Melbourne

                        Bachelors of Fine Art


2009 – 2016    Island School, English Schools Foundation (ESF)  

                        Hong Kong

Art Prizes  

                                  2023     Finalist - 40 Under 40 


Solo –Exhibitions   

                                  2022     Coexistence, RED Gallery,  Naarm/Melbourne, Australia


                                  2022     Light Magic, Public Installation, Brimbank City Council,  Naarm/Melbourne, Australia

                                  2022     Mirage, RED Gallery, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia

                                  2021     Catchlight, Workshop, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia


                                  2021    Transient Luminescence, Assembly Point, Public Installation, The City of Naarm/Melbourne,                                                       Australia 


                                  2021    In Silhouette, Off The Kerb Gallery, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia  


                                  2020    Lucent Nebulous, GALLERY JEEUM, Hong Kong


                                  2023    ECHO, The Side Gallery, Buna/Red Hill, Australia                                  

                                  2022    Luminous Essence, The Hue and Cry Collective, Geelong, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia


                                  2022    DASBOOT with DeBrief, ACCA, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia

                                  2021    Better Live, Motley Bauhaus, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia


                                  2021    Byproducts, Rey Cabinet, RMIT University, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia


                                  2021    Copper Traces in Time: Hold, Naarm/Melbourne Design Week, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia 


                                  2020   Gallery Jeeum December Group Exhibition, GALLERY JEEUM, Hong Kong


                                  2020   The Bulleke-bek Brunswick International Screen Marathon,

                                             Gallery Gallery Inc, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia


                                  2020   The Offline Affordable Art Fair Exhibition, GALLERY JEEUM, Hong Kong


                                  2020   MISSING THE REAL WORLD, FORT HEART, Naarm/Melbourne (Virtual Exhibition) 

                                  2020   Co-Existence 5, GALLERY JEEUM, Hong Kong


                                  2019   RMIT Fine Art Graduate Exhibition, RMIT University, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia 


                                  2018   JCR Exhibition, Queen’s College, Naarm/Melbourne University, Australia


                                  2023 Artbid, Inaugural Auction

Art Fairs                   


                                   2023 Affordable Art Fair, Sketch Co. Gallery, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia

                                  2022 Affordable Art Fair, Young Talent showcase, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia

                                  2020   The Global Affordable Art Fair, GALLERY JEEUM, Hong Kong 

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